Mumbles bears love getting dressed up, and that’s why we’re pleased there’s such a huge selection of clothes for us to choose from. We don’t mind what we wear, because every item in our clothing range is beautifully made and designed to fit perfectly.

We are made from the finest quality materials and are stringently tested, ensuring that we always comply to EN71 European Toy Safety Standards. Although we love children, we are not suitable for little ones under the age of three months because we have small parts.

What makes Mumbles bears different

We think that the Mumbles family is pretty special, and believe that it’s the small details that make us stand out from other teddy bears on the market. We’re all really happy to be a part of such a first-rate group, so you can’t get rid of the grin on our distinctive faces! A smart ribbon for the undressed members of the family (Monty, Bracken, Brumble, Otis), and well-made clothes for the ones who are pre-dressed (Honey, Benson, Binx) complete our special look we think!

Why Mumbles bears are good for retail

We think it’s important that we can be sold separately and so to make this easier for our prospective owners, we’re all individually barcoded and have smart swing tags attached to our ears.

Ways to use Mumbles bears

Mumbles bears are truly content little chaps and are perfect for a hundred and one different things. Happy homes that we have ended up in have included hotels (gifts left on pillows); shops (decorated with happy birthday and congratulations messages for example); sports teams (as a lucky mascot); companies (leave behinds on visits as a token of appreciation for clients).

This is just a small selection of examples however – the only limit to how you can use a Mumbles bear is your imagination!


Since Mumbles bears were born in 2004, they have been made by the same partner in China and our relationship goes from strength to strength. Because we have such strong supplier relations, we can guarantee reliability and quality in our bears. We also have an in-country auditor who oversees production and factory compliance.


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